Diving deep to mine insights, pairing them with cultural truth and altering perceptions to craft big ideas that resonate with consumers.


Building an honest DNA for brands. To create deeper connections with consumers.


Out of the box initiatives to accelerate business and delight consumers.


Messaging tactics for brands to express, interact and move closer to acquire customers.

About Us

Harvesting Strategic ThinkingTM

Established in 1940 in Hyderabad, we are India's oldest independent advertising agency.

Associated Advertising stands strong after 82 years of its inception. It has transformed brands, written many successful brand stories, and has witnessed the changing diaspora of advertising from traditional to digital. Yet it has stood the test of time. The secret behind this legacy is the simplest yet the most complex and often the most ignored aspect - Strategy.

Strategy is the core of our existence. With strategy, we have diversified our presence to 6 cities and cater to almost every brand category. We made our digital presence felt in 2015 with a full-fledged digital agency, Rabbit Digital.

With 8 decades of in-depth industry knowledge behind us, we still have our ears to the ground, and every challenge excites us as if it's our first. So, we are here to take a brief.